Study Group 2020-21

We have no body of rules, no recipes.

It is a harder task to recollect and apply a principle than to follow a precept, hence all the recipe-activity in the world, but we are all born persons and the power to think is there in each one of us if we will but use it—the duty of careful thought.

- Essex Cholmondley, Recipe vs. Thought

2020-21 Quick Links


Lord Jesus, merciful and patient,

grant us grace, I beseech thee, ever to teach in a teachable spirit;

learning along with those we teach, and learning from them whenever thou so pleasest.

Word of God,

speak to us, speak by us, what thou wilt.

Wisdom of God,

instruct us, instruct by us, if and whom thou wilt.

Eternal truth,

reveal thyself to us, in whatever measure thou wilt; that we and they may all be taught of God.

Christina Rosetti ~ A Prayer for Teachers